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Yoga Courses:

Power Yoga for Strength

Intensive classes combining asanas with strength exercises to improve fitness and endurance.

Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation

A deep relaxation and meditation practice to improve sleep quality and relieve mental stress.

Family Yoga

Fun and engaging classes for the whole family to strengthen bonding and learn the basics of yoga.

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About Us

Welcome to Aura Yoga, your doorway to the world of yoga, where we strive to improve not only the physical but also the spiritual well-being of our clients. At Aura Yoga, our mission is to offer yoga practices that harmonise ancient traditions and modern techniques to enrich your personal life.

We offer a wide range of yoga courses suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced yogis. Our programmes include Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga yoga as well as more specialised classes such as pregnancy yoga, yoga therapy and meditation sessions for deep relaxation and restoration.

Our instructors are the heart of Aura Yoga. They are experienced, certified professionals with a deep understanding of yoga and its beneficial effects on the body and mind. Each instructor brings their own unique style and energy, creating a diverse and inspiring experience for all of our clients.

At Aura Yoga, we strive to create a space where everyone can find their path to better health and well-being. We believe that yoga is a journey of self-discovery and our classes help strengthen the connection between mind, body and spirit.

We invite you to join our friendly and supportive community at Aura Yoga. Together we will work to ensure that each class brings you joy, harmony and peace of mind.

Transformation through yoga traditions

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